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Creative Planogram Company is Canada’s leading marketer and distributor of quality, on-trend impulse products. With a coast-to-coast sales and merchandising team serving over 7,000 retail locations, CPC has a proven track record of delivering customized programs that maximize profitability for our retail customers.

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Amazing Video Rentals
Why Offer Movie Rentals at Your Store?

The movie rental business is still a thriving industry in Canada and is one of the lowest cost and best value forms of family entertainment! A non-traditional retailer, such as a convenience store located in a residential market is perfect to rent movies due to its convenient location and hours of operations for the consumer.
Movie rentals can be a stand-alone profit centre and will build repeat traffic as rentals create both a rental and return transaction, usually within 24 hours of each other (the average Amazing Video retailer generates over 20 transactions a day!). Rentals also complement traditional snacks, confectionary and beverage products perfectly thereby creating incremental sales.

Many high profile theatrical titles are promoted heavily by the studios upon their release, driving store traffic to stores for consumers wanting to rent or purchase the title during the release week. The Amazing Video Network is proficient at delivering these popular titles to our Retailers in advance so they are available to your customers right on the release date.

The Amazing Video Network Rental Program

The Amazing Video Network provides rental systems to stores on a consignment, flat rate or purchase basis. Viability and programs are determined by completion of a qualifying survey of your store. If you currently purchase your rental inventory, we have a buyback program whereby we will purchase your inventory and allow you to easily convert to one of our rental programs.

Our goal is to maximize each location's video rental business in their specific market. Amazing Video Network invests the resources and components as follows:

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